To say the least, the data analytics profession is a complex and intricate one requiring data scientists to derive insights from big data sets. This complexity comes from several factors ranging from the pulling in of disparate data sources, connecting the data sets relationally and finally bring data to a cleansed state with data wrangling. All pre-requisites prior to the data analysis process to even commence. Data scientists would then need to present the data in a meaningful way for the business to understand. As one can appreciate, this is a very technical and sophisticated journey requiring insights that include patterns, drivers, influencers, key insights and outliers. The process is time intensive and demanding not only requiring technical charting expertise but also a flair for design aesthetics to bring data to life. The skill set is very much in demand – resulting in a dearth of highly skilled practitioners.

This where the use case for Augmented Analytics offered by SAP Analytics Cloud comes into play for the business user. Augmented Analytics is the application of Machine Learning (ML) as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance the data analysis process through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The solution not only has the capability to dynamically analyze data but to also engage users in natural language when rendering results. SAP Analytics Cloud’s augmented analytics solutions can be leveraged by the business user to pick up insights that include valuable data points, trends, patterns and unusual outliers – all rendered objectively. Let’s take a look at SAP Analytics Cloud’s Smart portfolio of Augmented Analytics solutions.

Search to Insight

This feature uses a conversational format to build out charts. With Search to Insight, one can search information quickly and render it in the most understandable way. Leveraging natural language query, visualizations can be rendered easily. We do this by asking a question in a conversational manner as you would in a browser search. Great for creating on-the-fly ad hoc reports that one can further enhance.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights, creates further explanation to a data point or chart. This feature allows users to drill down deeper to get meaningful insights. This comes in handy when contextual-relevant information is needed from an aggregated data point to derive granular level insights. Smart Insights will render both visualizations and textual information that can then be added to the dashboard.

Smart Discovery

Smart Discovery is your “Data Analyst in a box.” The solution automates data exploration from the relationships between dimensions and measures. Results are then dynamically built as story showing key insights, patterns, drivers, influencers, outliers and an interactive “what if” simulation. As an algorithm driven solution void of any user inputs or filters, the auto-generated story is unbiased and objective in surfacing insights.

Smart Predict

Leveraging historical data, Smart predicts algorithm learns to predict the future directionality. The solution trains on the data set and applies SAP Analytic Cloud’s proprietary predictive modelling forecasting algorithm. This allows for Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven insights to enhance the forecasting process.

The Smart augmented analytics solutions by SAP Analytics Cloud, provides an invaluable assist to the data analytics process. While it won’t replace the expertise of a data scientist, it does place the business user in the seat of one, leveraging the artificial intelligence process to run quicker, dynamically and objectively towards actionable insights. Check out the video on Smart actions by SAC here.

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