These are exciting times in the BI world as software vendors are getting closer to the vision of having a true collaborative enterprise. In SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP is at the forefront of this innovation by being the only BI cloud service that offers predictive analytics, planning and data analytics in a single platform. The sum of this trifecta exponentially delivers much greater than its parts. Here are some of the compelling features as well as links to further reading.

  • The capability to have real-time connectivity with either on-premise or cloud data sources. Thereby eliminating the need for data replication and in terms of security, data is contained within their respective firewalls.
  • A wholistic approach to planning where organizational teams can collaborate under one platform on the cloud, delivering their planned numbers, up the planning process chain using a single solution. Intuitive planning processes and input tasks integrated and aggregated into a cohesive organization level solution.
  • A robust set of planning and forecasting functions that are easy to configure and execute ranging from the traditional allocation, distribute and spread to more complex advanced formulas.
  • Augmented analytics through machine learning and natural language processing that deliver objective insights – giving you a “data analyst in a box.”
  • Machine learning capabilities that can be trained against data-sets for predictive analytics providing forecasting insights.
  • Building formulas and planning processes through easy to use graphical interfaces – removing the intimidation factor of having to code to create a solution. Business users can now get creative in developing solutions independently.
  • The capability to further enhance data visualization by customizing the user experience with Analytics Designer.
  • The integration of SAP Analytics Cloud as an add-in to Analysis for Office Microsoft Excel 365

With SAP Analytics Cloud, gone are the days of having to deal with egregious planning and forecasting iterative processes involving disparate spreadsheets. Instead, planning and forecasting is executed on a single platform using an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Based on their data access profiles, users collaborate throughout the planning process by leveraging features such as Data Action Process for advanced calculations, Value Driver Trees for graphical planning and rendering key insights, drivers and influencers with through Smart Discovery’s augmented algorithms. Throughout the process, users actively communicate through comments and instructive step by step input task processes made available through process integration with the calendar module.

As a self-service BI Tool, data visualization with SAP Analytics Cloud provides all the right tools needed for the story telling journey. Users can easily build interactive and engaging dashboards with the flexibility to control inputs at the chart, page or story level. The capability of blending models for comprehensive reporting and charting provides intriguing possibilities as well. Whether it be visualizing data points, comparing variances or picking up trends over time, SAP Analytics Cloud provides a comprehensive set of charts that will help you render mind blowing data visualization that not only displays visual aesthetics, but more importantly, insights you can act upon.

Are there other cloud based tools out there that offer the same versatility as SAC? Add to the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comments section of this article or the post.